Our Social Responsibilities

Our way of giving back

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part NYK-FIL’s business operations.

Since our establishment, it has become our mission to provide our crew excellent maritime training that is focused on technical competence, safety, and environmental protection. Having well-trained and safety-conscious seafarers manning vessels is the key in keeping life at sea and the oceans safe.

Through the years, we have remained true to this commitment as part of being a good corporate citizen.

We are also committed in making positive contributions to the seafaring and shipmanning industries.

The establishment of the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA) in 2005 is one of the biggest contributions of NYK-FIL to the Philippine maritime industry. The school was the company’s proactive response to the challenge facing the industry, i.e., declining quality of maritime education which puts into question the quality of seafarers being produced.

The academy, situated in Canlubang, Laguna, envisions itself to be the world’s center of excellence in core education based on the highest ideals of human resource development and maritime education.

With NTMA, we would like to help uplift the quality of maritime education in the country and thereby maintain the dominance of the Philippines in the international maritime industry.

We have assisted well-meaning groups in projects aimed at alleviating and improving the living conditions of our fellow Filipinos.