Since November 2019, MARINA has stopped issuing SIRB.

They are now issuing Seafarers Identification Document (SID) and Seafarers’ Record Book (SRB)

You may visit https://sidsrb.marina.gov.ph/ for the complete information about the requirements and processing time.

Seaman’s Book must be at least 12 months valid before joining the vessel.

Passport must be at least 18 months valid before joining the vessel. This is to ensure that your passport will be in compliance to the ports that are requiring at least 6 months valid during call of ports.

Your license and COP must be at least 12 months valid before joining the vessel.

If your documents are for renewal, you may visit https://stcw.marina.gov.ph/, to check on the documentary requirements; https://online-appointment.marina.gov.ph/ for the appointment and processing.

The validity of E-PDOS is five (5) years.

Because of this pandemic, you are required to get an appointment before reporting to the office. Please contact our technical officers through the following:

There is no expiration for Anti-Piracy Training and that is for new-comers.

In case you forgot your password, kindly report it to your Fleet Manager and they will send you the form to be filled-up and your concern will be reported to POEA Help Desk.

Further instructions will be given to you on how to retrieve your account.

For the list of latest and current WellCare accredited hospital/clinic, please click the link: https://wellcare.ph/

You may send email at crew.morale@nykfil.com.ph, or contact them at 02- 85543855/85543854

While there is still COVID-19, Crew Morale and Welfare Department are not accepting any parcels for crew on-board until further notice.

The following documents must be presented by the claimant or his/her authorized representative:

  1. At least two (2) valid Identification Cards
  2. For the authorized representative, he/she must present a letter of authorization from the actual recipient and a photocopy of the recipient identification card.
  1. Access the NETI Online Enrolment System at https://netionline.neti.com.ph/
  2. Select a course from the dropdown menu. The schedule will then be shown.
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Enroll in the course and wait for our confirmation.
  5. The zoom links will be sent to your email once you are enrolled.