Our Champions

  • Our mission is to be proactive and innovative in our efforts to produce and develop our own marine officers. Over the years, we have evolved our capabilities to produce not only ratings (non-officers) but also marine officers-leaders onboard-who are at the helm of running a ship. It is our vision to be the leading supplier of marine officers who will command all types of NYK Line’s merchant marine fleet, particularly the big, high-risk and highly specialized ones.
  • Our pool of merchant marine officers and ratings can be deployed to almost all types of ocean-going ships—from the traditional dry bulkers to highly-modernized and specialized ones such as big containers, product tankers, liquefied gas carriers, and chemical tankers.
  • Our seafarers have brought honor to the country, having been selected by our Principals to work at their offices—as ship superintendents, quality officers, coordinators, and module developers—and received honors and accolades for their excellent performance and work ethics. Filipino senior marine officers have often been awarded the NYK Master and Chief Engineer of the Year, besting other nationalities in the NYK fleet.
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Outstanding Professional of the Year in 2006 and 2010
  • The Outstanding Professional of the Year Award is the highest award given by the PRC to a professional for having demonstrated exceptional professional competence and integrity in the practice of one’s profession as recommended by one’s peers, and contributed significantly to the advancement of the profession and to the effective discharge of the profession’s social responsibility through meaningful participation in socio-civic related activities.